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Senior Liveable


We as a nation are getting older.  The baby boomers, people born in the 50's, 60's, and 70's, have become, are now becoming, or will become seniors in the near future.

The senior faculty and community industries are growing at a very rapid rate. They are filling a very important need for seniors.  But unfortunately many seniors cannot afford to move and many do not want to move.


Children, of the senior, are many times put in the stressful position of caring for their parents and all their needs, especially if their parents do not want to leave their home, but physically it would be better if they did.


1) Many seniors do not consider themselves to be seniors and

pay little attention to what may happen.

2) 61% of homeowners over the age of 55 are planning to
stay in their home indefinitely and 65% of them believe
their home’s layout is adequate without any aging-related

3) 78% of these seniors have never completed an aging-
related renovation.


  "Are you a senior?" or "Will you be one in the near future?"

 "Can you afford to move?" or "Do you want to move?"


"How can the children of seniors live a less stressful life?"

Another Option, The Answer

   Make the home liveable for a senior.


1)Let us maintain your home for you

a) Lawn care
b) Gutter cleaning
c) HVAC service and monthly filter changes
d) Smoke detector checks
e) Light bulb check and changing
f) Exterior house cleaning and leaf removal
g) Interior cleaning
h) Power washing of the exterior
i) Window cleaning (Interior and exterior)


2) Let's make simple changes to your home.

a) Install safety bars in the bathroom

b) Make the home easy access with an exterior ramp

c) Widen all doorways

d) Change all doors knobs to handles

e) Change all faucet knobs to handles

f) If you need it changed, we can do it

What Will Senior Liveable Do For You?

The Senior:
The Children:

1) Peace of Mind 


 2) Freedom

1) You can stay in your home much longer


2) It will be more affordable

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