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Mr. & Mrs. Gay Sunroom

Replaced 26 Year Old Unpermitted Sunroom

1 – Sunroom was constructed in an area with Shrink-swell soil problems. An 

       engineer was required to design the concrete slab floor system.

2 – Drain tile was installed on the right side (Looking at the sunroom from the rear

        of the house) because heavy rains will flow toward the house.

3 – Sunroom is a 3 Seasons room because it does not have heating or air

        conditioning. (The room does have insulation if an HVAC system were

        installed in the future.)


“James Harris of Harris Enterprise of Virginia, Inc. just finished a beautiful sunroom addition to our existing home.  He sat with us, draw up plans and presented a proposal.  From that point, the finest timbers and materials were selected.  We are more than happy with the craftsmanship and courtesy shown by his workmen.” 

 Many Thanks,

Calvin and Mary Gay

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