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Atland Kitchen & Bathroom

Up-dated the 1986 Kitchen & Bathroom

1 – Bathroom was made wheel chair accessible (Entry door widen to 32”)

2 – Dark cabinets, trim and doors in the kitchen and bathroom changed

3 – New paint palate used

4 – Brushed nickel finished used in both the kitchen and bathroom


"After my husband began falling a lot, it became necessary for him to be in a wheelchair  full time. We also found it necessary to widen the bathroom door. A friend recommended Harris Enterprise to assist us.  While doing the door project, we discussed the need to make changes to our bathroom so my husband could be more independent.  The biggest change was making the vanity wheelchair accessible. These 2 small changes enabled my husband to get his wheelchair into the bathroom thus decreasing his risk of falling.  Our tub was converted to a shower with a handheld shower head and reinforced grab bars to make it easier getting in and out of the shower.  Things we never thought about were also done, such as the standard wall mount mirror replaced with one that tilted and a storage cabinet installed over the commode.  An additional electrical outlet was installed at a lower level, which is now reachable by my husband.  Since our home was built in the mid 1980's, many things were bought up to current building code.  Our bathroom looks great and has been a blessing to us."


"Harris Enterprise also remodeled our kitchen giving us more cabinet space and an updated look. The cabinets are great and we really love the Lazy Susan corner base cabinet."


"Harris Enterprise took the time to listen to our needs and then share ideas used, in the past, with people having similar needs.  We recommend Harris Enterprise for your remodeling needs.  If you know have a need, but you do not know where to start, talk to these guys .... they are very helpful."


Rodney and Theresa Altland

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